Revenue. Margin. People. Skills.

Forecast Without Spreadsheets.

Have always-updated revenue and margin forecasts. Forecasts at any level: company, practice, sales region, industry vertical, salesperson, customer, project or opportunity. Include actuals, backlog, active quotes, and CRM pipeline.

Forecast Any Period.

Select any period and see exactly what customers are generating the revenue forecasts.

Forecast Any Customer.

Select any customer.  Instantly have revenue and margin forecast for any period, for any source of revenue, including projects and active sales pursuits.

Sales and Delivery. United.

With Zimit, your delivery teams always know what’s coming. When quotes or change orders are created, people and skill set demand and supply is automatically updated. This is sales and delivery working in sync.  This is transformational.

People You Need. People On The Bench.

See the total people demand, available supply, and bench levels for any period.  View the people forecast at any level:   company, practice, customer or even for a single project or opportunity.

Who’s Available?

Search by date range, name, role, practice, organization, skill set or even skillset rating. Zimit will instantly show you who is available and when they can start. Finding the right person has never been this easy.

Utilization Forecasts. Accurate and Simple.

Gain a simple and visual view of resource utilization.  See soft assignments, hard assignments, and PTO, all in one view.  Filter the view to see utilization forecasts by practice, organization, role, or skill.

People & Skill Demand For Each Customer

Be certain of the skills you need, when you need them, and for how long.  Plus, see the source the of the demand:  Projects, Change Orders or Sales Quotes.

Simulate The Future.

It’s hard to predict the future, but our customers get close.  They can fine tune forecasts and simulate different scenarios by simply changing Revenue, Average Rate, and Margin.  Instantly see how the changes impact forecasts.  Save different versions to cover different scenarios. Welcome to forecasting nirvana.

How Would ___________ Impact My Forecast?

Pick any project or opportunity and simply change key aspects like start or end date, revenue, margin, cost, win/lose, and resource assignments. Instantly see the impact on your revenue and people forecast.  Never miss a forecast again.

We Plug Right In.

Zimit is built to seamlessly integrate with leading CRM and PSA solutions. With pre-packaged integrations, Zimit gets connected with minimal effort and begins delivering valuable forecasting right away.