Document Routing and Approval

Zimit makes approving quotes simple, fast and effective. Dynamically route quotes for approval based on any criteria.

Automated quote generation CPQ Services solution

Forget workflow. This is work, flowing.

Create a quote and submit for approval — Zimit does the rest. It’s that simple.

Automated approval routing for professional services quotes cpq Automatically route professional services quotes for approval with CPQ

Automated Approvals

Automatically route quotes for approval based on business rules:

  • Price and margin
  • Discounts
  • Non-standard terms
  • Region
  • Risk
  • Scope
  • Service type
  • And more!

Multiple Routing Options

Choose single or multi-level approval, and notify multiple approvers at the same time or control the order in which they’re notified. When you’re done, just click to submit for approval. Zimit notifies everyone who needs to review and approve based on your routing rules.

Single Approval Routing
Single approval workflow professional services CPQ
Sequential Approval Routing
Sequential approval workflow for Service CPQ
Parallel Approval Routing
Parallel approval workflow for Professional Services CPQ
View quotes and approval from one dashboard professional services CPQ

Approvals Dashboard

All quotes are accessible from one easy-to-use dashboard, where approvers can:

  • Check quote details
  • Approve
  • Add comments
  • Request changes

Upon Approval, Zimit updates CRM and PSA/ERP applications automatically.

Did the quote change after it was approved? Zimit automatically requires that the quote be reapproved.

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