Case Studies

Alight Achieves Faster Quoting with Zimit

By turning to Zimit, Alight now has a standardized global quoting solution that significantly increases speed, improves accuracy, and provides real-time visibility to resource demand.

“Zimit is very easy to use. It provides us with an end-to end quote-to-sale platform by integrating with our CRM. Our management team can drill into the details of each quote during approvals. It provides them with the visibility they always wanted.”

AspireHR Transforms Services Quoting with Zimit

Zimit automated services quoting, SOW creation, and approvals, ensuring speed, version control, consistency and accuracy. This also enabled AspireHR to efficiently create and manage multiple versions of a quote. In addition, Zimit integrated with Salesforce, providing real-time updates and visibility.

“Quoting is the hardest process. It sets the tone for everything we do and can make or break a project. Zimit allowed us to transform the process, providing us with speed, accuracy and visibility. It was the most customizable and flexible solution to meet our needs.”

Technology Company Transforms Services Quoting with Zimit

With Zimit, the company achieved a 5x improvement in speed with SOW automation in multiple languages and currencies. Additionally, approvals have been simplified due to the reduced potential of errors.

“Zimit is focused on making services quoting faster, easier and more accurate. It replaces a process that relies on spreadsheets, which is slow and error-prone. Zimit is also easy to use. It makes a big difference in regions where we have small teams managing quotes.”