Configure. Price. Quote.

Make Selling Services Simple.

Designed For
How You Quote.

Quoting in Zimit is so simple, it makes spreadsheets look hard. Add resources, products, and managed services. Adjust timelines, add discounts, and even switch pricing models. Do it with radical simplicity.

Solution Catalog.

Simplify selling with our solution catalog. Define everything you
sell in one place: resources, project templates, services, subscriptions, just to name a few. Add any catalog item to a quote with one click.

Guided Selling.

Zimit’s simple rules engine reimagines
selling. Simply answer questions and dynamically
build your quote with services, products,
subscriptions or any element of your catalog.

Automated Proposals

Select what you are selling, and Zimit will automatically add proposal content. Assumptions, scope, terms and conditions. Since each quote can be unique, editing the proposal content is a snap.

Quote Analytics.

When you’re building or approving a quote,
metrics matter. Use alerts to identify when key
metrics, like margin, fall below approved

Simple Approvals.

Forget workflow. This is work, flowing. Just click
and submit for approval. It’s just as easy for
approvers: check the KPIs, see the quote details,
and click approve. No cumbersome process required.

Is Your CRM Accurate?
With Zimit it is.

Imagine CRM always updated with approved quotes.
The days of manually updating CRM every time a
quote is sent to a customer are over.