The XaaS economy is here to stay. Zimit was built for it.

Zimit’s innovative features transcend traditional quoting and raise the bar for user experience, empowering businesses to work smarter, not harder.

Guided Selling Services CPQ Solution Guided selling makes CPQ for services fast and accurate

Guided Selling

Zimit’s simple, easy-to-use rules engine reimagines selling.

Just answer questions and dynamically build your quote with services, products, subscriptions, or any element of your catalog. Quote services separately or combine them — you’re in control.

Automated quotes for professional services CPQ

Automated Quotes

Create proposals, SOWs, orders, and other quote-related documents faster than ever.

Simply select what you’re selling, and Zimit will automatically add content (like assumptions, scope, terms and conditions) as you go. Since each quote can be unique, editing the proposal content is a snap.

Automated approval routing for professional services quotes cpq Automatically route professional services quotes for approval with CPQ

Quick, Easy Approvals

Finished building a quote? Just click and submit for approval.

Ready to review a quote? Automatic alerts will notify you if key metrics, like margin, fall below approved thresholds. If the metrics look good, just click approve.

Close the services CPQ gap with Zimit

Integrations & API

Eliminate redundant, manual processes like updating customer records in your CRM when proposals are sent.

Zimit is designed for integration with Workday and Salesforce. Get real-time updates across your systems.