Forecast Resource


The people and skills you will need.
in real-time.

All Resource Demand.
One Screen.

Zimit calculates total resource demand and
availability down to the skill set level. This delivers
unprecedented resource utilization clarity. View
the resource forecast for any period and drill
down to any level: company, practice, customer or
even a single project or sales opportunity.

Accurate Resource
Forecasting Benefits

Gross Profit

Forecast Utilization.
Accurately and Simply.

Simple and visual resource utilization. See soft
assignments, hard assignments, availability, and
PTO, all in one view. Filter the view to see
utilization forecasts by practice, organization, role,
person, or skill.

Role & Skill Demand.
Any Customer.
Any Period.

Select any customer. Instantly see the skills you
need, when you need them, and for how long.
See the demand for any time period and for
active projects and current sales pursuits.