Forecast Services Revenue.

In Real-Time. Not Spreadsheets.

Forecast Revenue & Margin
Without Spreadsheets.

Get real-time forecasts for any time period and for
every aspect of the business: company, practice,
region, industry vertical, sales team or person,
customer, project or opportunity. Include actuals,
backlog, active quotes, and CRM pipeline.

Forecasts are always ready and accurate with Zimit.
The cost of preparation is $0


Revenue How You
Want See It.

Zimit delivers forecast analytics for revenue and
margin for the whole company or a single opportunity
and everything in between. Practice, Industry, Region,
and Salesperson just to name a few.

Forecast Customer
Revenue. Instantly.

Select any customer. Instantly see revenue and
margin forecast for any time period and for active
projects & current sales pursuits. Go deeper and
see what skill sets, services, or products are
driving the revenue.